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news • April 26th, 2023

JRE Restaurant and Hotel Guides 2023

Jeunes Restaurateurs stands for top cuisine and culinary excellence. Every year, JRE publishes National Restaurant & Hotel Guides. These booklets are free of charge and provide foodies detailed information about our Restaurants, Chefs, Projects and Collaborations.


In Germany, our community consists of 69 members committed to modern German cuisine.


This year, the JRE-Croatia and MasterCard have a special gift, if you visit eight JRE-Croatia restaurants in 2023, you will win a complimentary dinner for two in the JRE-Croatia restaurant of your choice! You can collect extra points by downloading free digital content on the Priceless.com platform.


Would you like to receive the 2023 JRE Netherlands guide? Fill in the form and receive the guide at home! We will send it as soon as possible.


The JRE-Austria Guide 2023 presents all of our 40 JRE establishments in Austria, each will guarantee a unique culinary experience. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

JRE-Belgium Guide

The JRE-Belgium Guide 2023 includes 25 JRE restaurants.

JRE-Spain Guide

The JRE-Spain Guide 2023 includes 13 of the best restaurants in Spain. ¡Buen provecho!

JRE-France Guide

The JRE-France Guide 2023 includes 25 of the best restaurants in France. ¡Bon appetit!