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Welcome to JRE, where you can browse some of the world’s most incredible gourmet cuisine. At JRE restaurants, you will experience our chefs’ never-ending passion for culinary perfection, whilst enjoying a truly unique and welcoming atmosphere. All our members are also committed to safeguarding “terroir” – in other words, supporting local farmers and suppliers by serving fresh, locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality. There are 350 affiliated restaurants and 160 hotels to choose from. In the meantime, awaken your senses by reading our ‘Passion’ magazine – full of mouth-watering recipes from our JRE chefs. We look forward to greeting you at one of our restaurants soon.

Bon appétit.

Daniel Lehmann - President


Enjoy an unforgettable lunch or dinner at one of our hotels or restaurants with a JRE Gift Card or Voucher.

Gift Voucher

You can personalise and print your gift voucher from the comfort of your own home as a brilliant, last minute gift for your loved ones. All JRE restaurants and hotels accept the Gift Voucher.

Gift Card

The Giftcard is an exclusive gastronomic gift accepted by all JRE's in Europe and will be sent to you by post.



Exclusive benefits for Mastercard cardholders

As a Mastercard cardholder, thanks to the partnership between Mastercard and JRE, you can enjoy exclusive experiences and unique offers that have been specifically designed for you. JRE restaurants offer an exclusive culinary experience: From an exceptional menu with an extra course, an individual tour of a JRE partner’s wine cellar, an upgrade for your hotel room or a seat at the chef’s table. As JRE we are pleased to have developed such a fruitful partnership with Mastercard, creating priceless experiences for their cardholders at JRE restaurants and events around Europe. You can find the exclusive benefits at the bottom of a restaurants’ page.


The Jeune Restaurateurs are everywhere and with the JRE app you can find them instantly. Once the app has access to your current location, you'll find the nearest restaurants in seconds, even across country borders!

The app is quick and easy to install and is available in the Google Playstore for Android and the Appstore for iPhone and iPad.


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