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Quirat Restaurant

Quirat Restaurant

Quirat is the gastronomic restaurant, proposed by the five-star hotel InterContinental Barcelona, directed and supervised by chef Víctor Torres. Quirat is the purity of the land brought to haute cuisine.

Quirat Restaurant

Barcelona, Spain
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Víctor Torres

Víctor Torres
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Víctor Torres, the youngest Spanish Chef to be awarded a Michelin Star. Victor has studied at the famous Hofmann School and has worked in such distinguished restaurants. Now with the support of a great team of culinary experts, his aim at Quirat is to capture the essence of each ingredient and deliver culinary creations that celebrate haute cuisine.


Quirat, which represents the unit of measurement of the purity and richness of the elements that make up earth, is an exclusive space that offers an author interpretation of the land and its products. It does this by means of a menu of dishes designed exclusively by Torres, corresponding to each of the year’s seasons. Quirat offers a menu that includes dishes made using local products, respecting the natural cycles of animal and plant life.

Special Activities

Quirat purity and wealth of the elements that form the land, offers: • Deluxe Dinner 18K by Michelin Star Chef in Barcelona • Deluxe Dinner 24K by Michelin Star Chef in Barcelona

Barcelona and surroundings

InterContinental Barcelona is sitting at the foot of Montjuïc, InterContinental® Barcelona has superb views of the National Art Museum of Catalunya MNAC and some of the most prominent buildings founded for the opening of Barcelona’s International Exhibition in the spring of 1929.

Respect for cuisine

Respect for cuisine is shaped by respect for the land. As experts, we know that the land is the source of the culinary experience. That’s why we always value the natural cycle of life when producing our culinary creations and only use locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients.


The whole process forms part of the experience. From preparation to the moment the dish is plated, each stage of the culinary process is given the same level of importance and considered an indispensable key to quality and experience.


The details that make the difference. We take the dining experience to its highest level by providing, enhanced quality and exceptional service.

Quirat is the gastronomic space of the InterContinental Barcelona. This gastronomic proposal goes hand in hand with the Michelin Star chef, Víctor Torres.

Montjuic, InterContinental Barcelona

Nestled in the heart of Montjuic, InterContinental Barcelona is the perfect base for enjoying all the culture the city has to offer. Elegant interiors and sophisticated design details matched with unparalleled hospitality.



Quirat Restaurant Av. de Rius i Taulet 1-3 08004 Barcelona Spain


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Opening times

Tuesday 19:30 - 22:00
Wednesday 19:30 - 22:00
Thursday 19:30 - 22:00
Friday 19:30 - 22:00
Saturday 19:30 - 22:00

Quirat represents the unit of measurement of the purity and wealth of the elements that form the earth.

Dinner 18 K

Scarlet shrimp and caviar tartlet; Smoked butter and homemade guanciale toast; “Capipota”, scallop and its juice, “Fricandó”, tuna belly and chestnut, Two steps cooked pigeon, pomegranate and oxalis, Persimmon pannacotta and lemon textures, Caramel and pretzel

55€ per person

Dinner 24K

Piquillo pepper crunchy stuffed with spider crab, Scarlet shrimp and caviar tartlet, Smoked butter and homemade guanciale toast, Montseny´s Porcini mushroom with cod gut and its pil pil sauce, “Capipota”, scallop and its juice, Pork ear, sea cucumber and basque chili pepper, “Fricandó”, tuna belly and chestnut, Sea anemones creamy rice with plankton, Two steps cooked pigeon, pomegranate and oxalis, “Sobrasada” and anisette, Persimmon pannacotta and lemon textures, Caramel and pretzel

110€ per person

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