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Teresa Gutiérrez

A talented TV chef who serves exquisite modern Manchega cuisine

Chef Teresa Gutiérrez is the owner and chef at the Azafrán restaurant, which opened its doors in 2008. She was educated at the School of Hostelry in Valencia and at the School of Hostelry in Avignon. Before opening her own establishment, Chef Teresa spent several years in kitchens throughout Spain. Her participation in the second edition of the TV series Top Chef and the Online School of Master Chef makes her an outstanding teacher. Next, in 2019 she was among the seven finalists for Cook Revelation in Madrid Fusión. That same year she received the JRE National Gastronomy Award in San Sebastián for the Best National Trajectory in Cooking. But that’s not all. She was a speaker at the prestigious Worlds of Flavor congress in Napa (California) of The Culinary Institute of America. There, she spoke of the history of La Mancha gastronomy and its products. Finally, in May 2020 she was appointed Ambassador of the DOP Azafrán de La Mancha.

Traditional dishes connect with us in the same way as the environment that surrounds us, so why look for recipes from far away places?

Teresa Gutiérrez



JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Owner and chef Teresa Gutiérrez trained in a number of renowned restaurants before combining her experiences with her personal culinary vision. At her very own restaurant Azafrán, she serves exquisite modern Manchega cuisine. Her focus is on contemporary-style regional dishes. These are available on various set menus, alongside selections of typical local produce, such as cheese from La Mancha and game in season.

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