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Davor Kapetanović

As a Jeune Restaurateur, Davor is a driven member of JRE Croatia. He especially prides himself with the Navis’ impressive 40 meters long yacht dock, which was built in 2020, as well as the restaurant’s inventive sushi repertoire.


Restaurant Navis

JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Perched on Kvarner’s cliffs, lies hotel and restaurant Navis. Here, you can munch on an array of delicacies from the Adriatic sea, while enjoying the most stunning backdrop: mountains, azure waves, and the coastline of Preluk Bay. Housed in a 5-star hotel, this gourmet hotspot in Opatija, Croatia, showcases the best ingredients that Mediterranean and continental cuisine have to offer – with a contemporary twist. It’s no wonder that their menu was recommended in the Michelin Guide in 2020. Next to its renowned fresh seafood dishes, Navis is also the first to present a sushi repertoire in the Kvarner region. Its modern dining room, as well as the spacious terrace, provide an incredible vista of the Kvarner archipelago. In other words: expect a truly mind-blowing gastronomic experience.

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