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Tadej Gašparin

Tadej Gašparin leads the kitchen here at the family-run restaurant Pikol. His parents, Boris and Maruška Gašparin, were still children when they first came to Pikol. When his parents bought the restaurant, they renovated it and in 1980, the dining spot was officially reopened. They initially offered guests sliced ​​prosciutto, grilled dishes, trout, snails, frog legs, and a small selection of wines. Their two sons Tadej and Taras Gašparin grew up, played at and studied at the family restaurant Pikol. Today, they have taken over the inn, as well as the great vision of their parents.


Nova Gorica, Slovenia
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Pikol is housed inside a picturesque chalet-style building in the middle of a park with a romantic lake. Inside, the interior makes it seem like time has stood still. Here, chef Maruška Gašparin and her son, sommelier Tadej Gašparin, conjure up fine cuisine. Their food is focused on local ingredients with an emphasis on meat dishes. Fish lovers are welcome here as well: their signature antipasti include various local fish specialties from the nearby Adriatic sea.

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