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Uroš Štefelin

Chef Uroš Štefelin likes to challenge himself by the concept of not knowing the new creations of the future yet, but tries to push his culinary boundaries. One traditional dish that remains the same is Kroparska žonta – a dish made of the liver. This one stays on the menu because chef Uroš has fond memories of eating it at his grandmother’s home when he was a kid. Dishes Uroš did adapt are Gorenjska želodec (pork stomach), which usually takes very long to cook and can only be eaten in winter, and “tepka”, an old variety of Slovenian pear. This delicious fruit is normally only used in spirits, but with the creativity and skills of chef Uroš the pears are now used for breakfast in Carniolan sausages, for lunch in pasta, and for dinner with foie gras. 

Vila Podvin

Radovljica, Slovenia
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Vila Podvin is housed in a former horse stable, which was rebuilt into a restaurant with hotel rooms in 1968. In restaurant Vila Podvin, traditional dishes are honoured through the use of local ingredients and producers. The luxurious hotel offers guests a chance to stay and explore the beautiful surroundings of the Radovljica area. At restaurant Vila Podvin, top chef Uroš Štefelin serves Slovenian cuisine with a modern touch. Because of his excellent innovative dishes the restaurant was awarded 16 Gault Millau points and a Michelin star. Try his outstanding cuisine yourself, and let your senses be amazed.

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