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Tomaž Kavčič

Chef Tomaž Kavčič is the fourth generation at restaurant Pri Lojzetu. He loves to create dishes with simplicity, respect for tradition, and basic ingredients. You can still order the traditional horseradish spread and homemade bread, which diners have loved for centuries. But chef Tomaž also offers a new interpretation of the traditional Karst cuisine. Each season reflects the chef’s passion, talent, intelligence, and culinary ideas, which are distinctive and innovative. From fresh, high-quality products, chef Tomaž creates homely, simple dishes that become well-known in no time.


Pri Lojzetu

Vipava, Slovenia
MdH Membre d'Honneur

The Pri Lojzetu inn is housed at the Zemono estate and offers exclusive contemporary cuisine. World-famous chef Tomaž Kavčič uses fresh, high-quality ingredients tailored to the current season to create authentic flavours. His cooking styles range from simple to traditional, but all his dishes look like true works of art.

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