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Patrick van Zuiden

At a young age, Patrick van Zuiden began his business career in the hospitality industry as an entrepreneur and restaurateur. His roots lie pretty far away from his current restaurant Savarin in Rijswijk. It was in the Ardèche region in France, where he started his career. When he returned back to the Netherlands, Patrick and his former partner started restaurant Savarin in 1994. As a result of his early kitchen training, Patrick worked as a chef in his French-oriented kitchen. Restaurant Savarin was the first of many successful restaurants Patrick opened throughout the years. But restaurant Savarin remains his absolute favorite spot, where he puts all his passion into. In 2000, Patrick bought the former farm De Haan and transformed it into the current location of restaurant Savarin. The restaurant reopened its renovated doors on the Laan van Hoornwijck in Rijswijk in 2002. Expansion quickly followed in 2011, when a five-star hotel and city spa were added, expanding the restaurant's heritage of fine cuisine and hospitality.



Rijswijk, Netherlands
MdH Membre d'Honneur

This tastefully renovated farmhouse is a true heaven for foodies. In the food, contemporary French recipes are combined with exotic flavours that are free of fussy frills.

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