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Ellen Kinkartz

A skilled sommelier with a broad knowledge of rare wine labels

After working in the kitchens of several restaurants, sommelier Ellen first did a dietician course, as well as a patisserie course, to get more familiar in the hospitality field. She eventually entered the Wine Academy and got her WSET degrees. Next, together with her partner, chef Hans Kinkartz, she opened Atelier back in 1999. Here, Ellen pampers wine lovers with many rare labels, including a wide variety from the Netherlands and Belgium.

A good wine ensures that the dish can be lifted to a higher level.

Ellen Kinkartz



Gulpen, Netherlands
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Atelier is housed inside a former tailor's studio. In this historic building, you will find a modern dining spot with a stylish industrial interior. Combined with natural materials and linen on the table the atmosphere turns into casual chic. Dress codes from casual jeans to a classy tuxedo – everyone is welcome here.

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