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Joppe Sprinkhuizen

A talented chef who explores the extremes in his Dutch cuisine

As a student, chef Joppe Sprinkhuizen started out very determined at culinary school. During his training he interned under master-chef Cees van Boerdonk at Het Hof van Deurne. Cees turned out to be a huge inspiration and taught Joppe the basics of molecular gastronomy. Chef Joppe Sprinkhuizen then worked at the Daelenbroeck Castle in Herkenbosch, laying the foundation for his food philosophy. After this, he worked at many other prestigious restaurants, like under chef René Brienen at Onder de Boompjes at Castle Hattem. On Brienen's recommendation, he attends the highest school of culinary arts in the Netherlands, De Sterklas. After completing this, he climbs up from apprentice to sous-chef at De Treeswijkhoeve in Waalre. Finally, in 2017, Joppe opens his own restaurant SILLYFOX and immediately gets reviewed by the Michelin Guide and receives 14 points from Gault Millau.

My cooking style is all about simplicity and complexity, about finding the extremes.

Joppe Sprinkhuizen



Veghel, Netherlands
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant SILLYFOX is housed in a unique location: on the top floor of a former grain silo, 32 meters above the ground. Inside this industrial contemporary restaurant, you are sure to have an excellent culinary experience.

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