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Marko Karelse

When he was younger, chef Marko Karelse had the time of his life working as a kitchen assistant at a truckers' cafe in Spijkenisse. He knew for a fact he would one day open his own restaurant. Chef Marko studied at the culinary school in Rotterdam. He got an internship with Restaurant Villa La Ruche in Voorburg during his final year where he learned the tricks of the trade from patron-cuisinier Geo Bosma. Karelse continued his culinary journey and started as chef de partie at Restaurant Castellane in Rotterdam. At the end of his probationary period, he was invited to Villa La Ruche for a beer with chef Bosma, who requested him back. Karelse accepted the offer. Restaurant Villa La Ruche is the place where he started as an apprentice at the age of 19 and now is head chef and owner. In 2009 he asked his partner Erica to help out at the restaurant and ever since then, she has been the hostess of Villa La Ruche.

Villa La Ruche

Voorburg, Netherlands
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Villa La Ruche in Voorburg is situated in the triangle between Leidschendam, Rijswijk, and The Hague. As soon as you enter the door you will know this restaurant is the ultimate place for culinary enjoyment. Villa La Ruche offers a delicious menu for every gourmet fan. Great matching wines enhance the original presentation of familiar flavours. The captivating dishes and wines, served by chef Marko Karelse and hostess Erica, have been able to surprise and impress guests time and time again.

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