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Raymond Reeb

Growing up, chef Raymond Reeb spends many hours in the kitchen with his Indonesian grandmother and aunts. This is where his passion for cooking starts. He studies at a baking school and then at a culinary school. As an apprentice, he interns at high-end restaurants Les Pyramides and Les Jumeaux. After this, he joins Le Chat Noir where he and chef Van Wezel travel to Paris to purchase the best products. Raymond then learns under to master-chef Rien Heemskerk at restaurant Kempers Roef. In restaurant Meerrust he lands his first job as chef de partie. It's hard work, quick decision making, planning, and peaking that make this luxury restaurant a success. Here, Raymond moves up to the position of head chef. Next, he joins restaurant La Vinã, where he learns his entrepreneurial skills. In 2003, chef Raymond Reeb and his partner and hostess Kim Edwards are offered the opportunity to over restaurant Tante Kee. And they don’t have to think twice about it. Together, they embark on a great gastronomic adventure and successfully put Tante Kee on the culinary map.

Tante Kee

Kaag, Netherlands
MdH Membre d'Honneur

On the scenic island of Kaag, restaurant Tante Kee is situated only 25 minutes from Amsterdam and The Hague. Ferries bring guests to this spectacular establishment, providing an evening that is unforgettable. The restaurant offers a variety of local seafood, regional foods with an authentic twist, and an excellent wine list by the restaurant’s sommelier. The enjoyable flavour combinations of chef Raymon Reeb’s modern and sometimes oriental dishes round off this incredible culinary adventure.

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