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Andreas Döllerer

Chef Andreas Döllerer awakens traditional Alpine delights to a new culinary life through his innovative, creative Alpine cuisine. Using traditional recipes with modern cooking techniques, he is devoted to preserving and rediscovering the culture of rural cooking at Döllerer's restaurant.  Additionally, he loves to be creative and completely free to create new culinary masterpieces. The combination of these elements makes his Alpine cuisine the perfect, delicious balance between tradition and innovation. In 2010, chef Andreas Döllerer received the title Chef of the Year for his outstanding dishes.



Golling / Salzburg, Austria
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

At restaurant Döllerer in Golling, only a few kilometers away from Salzburg, chef Andreas Döllerer serves his guests two special fine-dining menus in an upscale atmosphere. Both, the menu “Göllüberquerung” and “Oberjoch”, reflect the basic ideas of his Alpine cuisine: culinary traditions of the Salzburg and Austrian Alps and their modern interpretation, along with his appreciation for high-quality regional products.  Döllerer's restaurant is located in Döllerer's gourmet hotel, which also houses an inn with traditional cuisine and a delicatessen shop. The Döllerer family also runs a wine trade for wholesalers and private wine lovers a few kilometers away. It is not surprising that Döllerer's has one of the best wine lists in Austria.

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