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Deborah Corsi

As a little girl, chef Deborah Corsi was already active in the kitchen. She used to make very spicy meatballs which her father would eat out of love and politeness. Deborah’s first job was at the Giampieri family's establishment, first at the bar, and later at the restaurant. Those were years of hard apprenticeship, where she learned a lot from talented cook Fernanda Novelli. Chef Deborah Corsi has an extraordinary cooking style. Her dishes are delicate and extremely elegant, presented with a lot of imagination. The beauty, sweetness, and richness of the plates translate her character.

La Perla del Mare

San Vincenzo (LI), Italy
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant La Perla del Mare, meaning The Pearl of the Sea, honours its name by being situated on a beautiful beach in San Vincenzo, Italy. Here, chef Deborah Corsi’s never-ending will to experiment with the classic dishes of her region results in colourful, creative dishes that satisfy both sight and taste. The chef serves extraordinary dishes, dominated by the best seafood of the surrounding sea: from octopus gnocchi to sambuca-marinated anchovies. Meat-lovers are also spoiled here, with dishes like wild boar or Cinta Senese (local pig breed) pork, always served with local seasonal vegetables.

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