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Dario Guidi

Self-taught chef Dario Guidi was born in 1987 in Magenta, Milan. Even though he has a degree in marketing, corporate communication, and international markets, he always felt drawn to the kitchen. He became passionate about food thanks to the women of his house like his grandmother, mother, and aunts, who were the queens of the kitchen.  During his studies, he was able to work both in the family restaurant as well as in other restaurants in the area. Among these is Pont de Ferr in Milan with chef Matias Perdomo and Experience 41° in Barcelona, ​​with top chef Oliver Pena.  After this, he joined the kitchen of Antica Osteria Magenes with his mother Mariella and has been managing the family restaurant ever since. The restaurant presents a dynamic, unique, and personal atmosphere where the customer is always at the center of attention.

Antica Osteria Magenes

Barate di Gaggiano (MI), Italy
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

In Barate di Gaggiano, a rural village surrounded by rice fields, you'll find the charming restaurant Antica Osteria Magenes. This cozy family-run restaurant serves typical local cuisine. But despite its name, the Antica Osteria Magenes is known for its unique modern dishes and carefully selected wines. Innovation and creativity are the foundations of chef Dario Guidi’s philosophy, along with tradition and territory. Contemporary cuisine inspires his dishes, resulting in a dedication to experiment and an insatiable desire to learn. His region's recipes and traditions are, on the other hand, still deeply rooted in every dish.

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