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Filippo Oggioni

Chef Filippo Oggioni acknowledge his passion for cuisine after few years spent studying and grows fast thanks to two important experiences at Chef Alessandro Breda’s “Gellius” in Veneto and at Chef Silvio Salmoiragh’s ”Acquerello”; in the nearbies of Milan. Both of them were trainedby Gualtiero Marchesi: Italianity and Freshness have consequently become foundation of Filippo’s cuisine. Everything is prepared à la minute, firmly avoiding sous vid cooking processes and other techniques, paying attention instead to sauces, variety of seasonings, valorization and actualization of classic recipes.


Vecchio Ristoro

Aosta, Italy
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After success of Dandelion project, Filippo Oggioni and Paolo Bariani moved to Vecchio Ristoro. KeepingRestaurant’;s history and quality intact, they are nowadays the reference for high cuisine in Aosta. Vecchio Ristoro is located inside a mill, dated back to 17th century. It was active until 1960 and original wheel, millstone and gears are still visible inside the restaurant. The cozy dining room features only 7 tables, enhancing the elegant and classic environment. Italianity, Innovation and respect for tradition: this philosophy constantly inspire Vecchio Ristoro and its second life, quickly awarded with One Michelin Star in 2021

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