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Peter A. Strauss

Ess Atelier Strauss restaurant offers classic cuisine that combines with modernity for new and innovative creations. Here, owner and chef Peter Strauss focuses on high-quality seasonal products in their most pure and authentic form. In the kitchen of the modern Alpine restaurant, the top chef creates regional haute cuisine, according to his successful theory of processing fresh nature. Skillfully staging the dishes with delicate filigree handwork and the support of his skilled kitchen team, Peter presents a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Ess Atelier Strauss im Alpin Lifestyle Hotel Löwen & Strauss

Oberstdorf, Germany
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Situated in the heart of Oberstdorf lies restaurant Ess Atelier Strauss. Here you find chef Peter Strauss' gourmet concept, housed inside in the chic Alpine Lifestyle Hotel Löwen & Strauss. The Allgäu mountains serve as an impressive backdrop against which guests can enjoy the best regional cuisine. Inside the dining rooms, the cozy Alpine decor creates a warm atmosphere where you will feel right at home. The smart wine cabinet and mirrored wall with a small window at the front provide additional eye-catching features. It’s the perfect location to enjoy the chef’s fine and beautifully balanced culinary creations.

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