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Tobias Bätz

A Michelin-starred chef who conjures up exquisite German country cuisine

Tobias Bätz is head chef at restaurant Posthotel Alexander Herrmann. After his apprenticeship with mentor Stefan Rottner, Tobias worked together with top chefs, including Alexander Herrmann at restaurant Tristan on Mallorca. In 2010, Tobias joined Posthotel Alexander Herrmann as a head chef and gastronomic director under Alexander Herrmann in Wirsberg. Here, his outstanding culinary achievements have been awarded not one, but two coveted Michelin stars. 

Success isn't owned. It is leased, and rent is due every day.

Tobias Bätz


Posthotel Alexander Herrmann

Wirsberg, Germany
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

In gourmet restaurant Posthotel Alexander Herrmann in Wirsberg, you will be surprised by culinary entertainment at its best. The cuisine by award-winning chef Tobias Bätz is creative, full of relish, unpretentious, exciting, and graceful. This trendy, modern, and elegant restaurant acts as the backdrop for the finest creative German country cuisine in the area.

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