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Thomas Merkle

An award-winning German chef who conjures up excellent regional cuisine with international flavours

Named one of Germany’s 100 best chefs, Thomas Merkle brings refined and well-seasoned creations to the table. In 1999, the master chef began running his parents' business, restaurant Merkles. In the kitchen, he draws inspiration from regional cuisine as well as cosmopolitan influences based on his travels through Asia, Africa, and South America. Chef Thomas is fascinated by special foreign-grown vegetables, spices and aromas. This results in his truly unique and personal "simply Merkle" cuisine, featuring spices and aromas from all over the globe.

My cooking style is based on regional cuisine and products with flavours and spices from all over the world.

Thomas Merkle



Endingen, Germany
MdH Membre d'Honneur

At restaurant Merkles in Endingen, owner and chef Thomas Merkle excellently showcases his exciting cuisine. Belonging to the Merkle family for over 30 years, this fine-dining spot is well-known for its generous hospitality and refined culinary art. The restaurant’s inviting ambiance is the ideal setting for your gastronomic journey. Chef Thomas has a knack for transforming successful flavour combinations into aromatic and harmonious dishes. His cuisine is versatile, creative, and spice-oriented. It’s no wonder that his cooking was awarded a Michelin star. The environment, Baden’s wine region, greatly contributes to the overall picture by providing wines that beautifully match the chef’s menus.

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