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Sascha Stemberg

Chef Sascha Stemberg is the 5th generation of his family to lead the kitchen at restaurant Haus Stemberg. Here, guests come from near and far to enjoy the savoury dishes of the native landscape, and the new art of cooking presented by chef Sascha. His travels have given him the ability to bring fine international cuisine and a layered dining experience to Velbert. Besides that, he also adopted his father's method of local cooking, with the best products from the Velbert region. Some of Sascha’s famous rustic creations include fried blood sausage, meatballs of veal, and homemade tartare. 

Haus Stemberg

Velbert, Germany
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Restaurant Haus Stemberg, situated in the town of Velbert, has been one of the absolute top restaurants in the Bergische area for a long time. Haus Stemberg places high importance on tradition and stands for experience and quality, but they also aim to modernize and innovate. The culinary formula here is named "two cuisines from one oven". Through this, the kitchen offers both modern culinary sensations and classic ones. Orchestrated by top chef Sascha Stemberg, the fifth generation of his family to work here.

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