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Pierrick Suter

Chef Pierrick Suter offers one of the best kitchens in western Switzerland at the Hôtel de la Gare's La Table des Suter. His partner and sommelier Jane-Lise Suter takes care of the charming service. The authentic experience of eating well is excellently presented at Hôtel de la Gare’s La Table des Suter restaurant. Chef Pierrick Suter’s French cuisine is designed to seduce both the eyes and the palate. 


La Table des Suter

MdH Membre d'Honneur

Pierrick Suter and his wife Jane-Lise introduced the village of Lucens, located between Lausanne and Payerne, to Vaud's gastronomic map. At Hôtel-restaurant de la Gare in Lucens, you are welcomed in an inn that can be considered a place of utopia and surrealism: a crossroads of flavours. Here, four generations of food lovers have slowly built a brand that celebrates the land and knows hospitality like no other.

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