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Stefan Bader

Chef de cuisine Stefan Bader assures that his dishes at Zum Alten Stephan restaurant will deliver first-class quality. He started his career as an apprentice under star chef Andy Zaugg. He then worked in the Krebs restaurant in Grenchen with Emil Blümli and in the Kreuz restaurant in Kriegstetten with Urs Bucher. Since returning to Zaugg in 2005, Stefan has refined his craft in Stages under top German chefs Dieter Müller and Nils Henkel, who have both received three Michelin stars. Stefan is supported by sommelier Tamara Bader, who oversees the ambiance, service, and wine cellar of the restaurant. The daughter of Italian descent grew up in Wynau. Her training was acquired with Ivo Adam at the Kaltenherberge and Werner Schürch at the Burgdorf star restaurant Emmenhof. Tamara spent a year at the Mühle restaurant in Langenthal before moving to the old Stephan in 2012, where she holds the position of sommelier and chef de service.

Zum Alten Stephan

Solothurn, Switzerland
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

Located in the heart of the historic city of Solothurn, you find Zum Alten Stephan restaurant. Here, chef Stefan Bader prefers to utilize as many seasonal products as possible in his dishes. This way, the gourmet menus are constantly changing.

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