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Dominic Bürli

Dominic Bürli learned the skills of cooking from two important men: his father Beat Bürli and master chef Nik Gygax. When he was a kid, Dominic was always in his father's kitchen and worked alongside him as he grew older. Chef Nik Gygax was another great example for Dominic. He taught him everything and was always offering advice. When both his mentors passed away after an illness, it was a big shock to Dominic. Those two men would surely be proud to see the young chef attain his ambitions today. Dominic continues to run the 300-year-old inn by Lake Zug with success and passion. He also received recognition in the culinary scene. Dominic earned the title of “Chef of the month” at GaultMillau, a new member of Jeunes Restaurateurs.

Gasthaus Wildenmann

, Switzerland
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

The owners at Gasthaus Wildenmann in Buonas have been welcoming their guests at the restaurant for over nine years. This family-run restaurant is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Zug.  At Gasthaus Wildenmann, you'll find a fusion of tradition and modernity that delights both young and old diners alike. Guests can expect a fine-dining experience in an intimate setting, where quality and high standards receive priority.

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