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Jean-Yves Drevet

Jean-Yves Drevet, originally from Clermont-Ferrand, grew up in rural France near the countryside. His grandparents had self-sufficient lifestyles. Hence, he is naturally inclined toward the art of culinary creation, by taking a pure product and transforming it into an exquisite dish. Chef Jean-Yves Drevet has continued to progress up the professional ladder. Today, he runs his own establishment in Neuchâtel, hotel restaurant Maison du Prussien. Here, the chef offers a contemporary take on traditional dishes.

La Maison du Prussien

Neuchâtel, Switzerland
MdH Membre d'Honneur

Maison du Prussien is a former 18th-century brasserie that has been converted into a charming gourmet restaurant and luxurious romantic hotel. Located in the historic Le Gor you Vauseyon region. The fine French cuisine can be enjoyed in the picturesque winter garden or out on the terrace when the sun allows it. Whatever your preference, whether à la carte or gourmet menu – you will be sure to indulge yourself.

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