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Fernando Michlig

Chef Fernando Michlig and his partner Luzia Schlegel are in charge of the completely reconstructed family business in Gluringen im Goms. The chef, a prominent member of the Swiss Guild of chefs, is famous for his original dishes, inspired by traditional Swiss recipes. Next to being a chef, Fernando Michlig is also a passionate and very skilled hunter. His deer delicacies and sausages are of first-class quality, drawing wild cuisine enthusiasts from all over the area to restaurant Tenne.



Gluringen im Goms
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

At Tenne restaurant, chef Fernando Michlig serves the best of modern Swiss cuisine, often enhanced with locally hunted wild from the area. "Luxuriously simple" is restaurant Tenne's motto: here, you don't just spend your holidays; you arrive home. Situated in the Goms and sunny Gluringen, the restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful landscape. You can enjoy the breathtaking view while being surprised with the chef’s original dishes.

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